The Gut Microbiome and Hair Growth

How is the microbiome link to hair health and

Did you know that science shows that healthy hair
growth, condition and your internal health are linked?

When it comes to hair, your nutrition, stress levels and certain genetic conditions can all play a role, as well as the microbiome.

Let’s explain why….

Hair growth is similar to plant growth, it starts with a seed (the hair follicle). The seeds have roots, they are made up of protein cells. To make the hair growth, the roots is fed by blood, this contains amazing nutrients. This then creates the hair structure, then hormones give a message to the seed (follicle) asking to either create more protein
cells or take a rest.

A typical hair growth cycle runs from 3-7 years!

If the hormones, cell reproduction, nutrients and blood flow are affected, this can upset the hair growing routine. This can lead to hair loss, growth problems and thinning hair.

Your gut synthesizes most of the main materials need for hair growth.

One of the most important materials is vitamin b7 (also called biotin or vitamin h) This grabs the amino acids needed to produce keratin, this is what hair is made of. Supplements are a fantastic way of making sure your have enough of this vitamin in your system. But some of the good bacteria produce it too.

If there is a gut imbalance, the vitamin b7 reduces and another, not very welcome, species takes over.

Good friendly gut bacteria help to make vitamin K2, this relaxes the walls of your blood vessels and lets blood flow more freely around the body. If your blood vessels have too much calcium in the walls, this can compromise blood flow to your hair seeds.

Antibiotics can seriously harm the lining of your gut.  This is also strongly linked to hair reproduction. Hormones need to be kept an eye on. An imbalance of testosterone, estrogen or cortisol (stress hormone) and your hair cannot go through the hair cycle in its fully functional way. Reducing a stressful lifestyle can seriously help hair growth! A balanced microbiome helps to lower stress levels which gives your immune system a breather and keeps keeping the body running how it should be.

Here are some tips to help hair grow!

• Eat foods that are good for your microbiome. Look
for vitamin -rich, high quality meat, seasonal vegetables, dairy and eggs
(Vitamin b7 and vitamin k2). Fermented foods are rich in probiotics, try eating
kefir, cottage cheese, kimchi, feta to help produce essential vitamins.

• Try and use chemical free products on the hair
and skin, this can destroy good bacteria in the microbiome.

• Use probiotics and prebiotics to replenish
microbiome and give it some serious love. Be careful with what you choose…. a
huge amount have fillers in!

• Collagen ‘the glue of the body’ helps hair
regeneration as it is a natural antioxidant! This helps to neutralise free

• Don’t forget to think positive! Mindset is hugely
connected to the microbiome.


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