We are absolutely flabbergasted and amazed at Samantha’s unbelievably amazing awesome results! This definitely has to be the longest list of improvements we’ve ever seen!!

“Before embarking on the Gut Reset Bootcamp I was suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, anxiety and depression. I had also been diagnosed with PTSD. I suffered with diabetic hypos, was in constant pain and was asleep pretty much all day long. I had poor mobility, constant stomach issues, bad bloating and acid reflux and generally felt extremely unwell and couldn’t do much…no housework or shopping. The fatigue that I experienced 10 days before my period would absolutely wipe me out. I didn’t have a life…”

✅ Fibromyalgia pain GONE 🎉👏🥳
✅ Chronic fatigue GONE 🎉
✅ Diabetic hypos STOPPED 🎉
✅ IBS symptoms GONE 👏
✅ Anxiety GONE 🥳
✅ NO LONGER depressed
✅ Acid reflux GONE 🥳
✅ PTSD symptoms NO LONGER an issue
✅ Overall feeling of wellbeing now 10/10
✅ NO LONGER feeling stressed
✅ LOST a few ounces short of 1 stone!
✅ RELEASED 21.5 inches of toxic fat!
✅ Dizziness GONE
✅ Food cravings GONE 🥳
✅ NO MORE bloating or stomach aches
✅ Abdominal cramps GONE
✅ Improved bowel functions
✅ Off caffeine and sugar 👏
✅ Now making better food choices and eating a healthy diet
✅ NO LONGER has issues with food intolerances
✅ Nausea GONE
✅ Now sleeping soundly and not waking in the night
✅ NO LONGER sleeping all day long 👏
✅ Bounds of energy and sustained throughout the day
✅ Brain fog GONE 🥳

✅Poor concentration GONE
✅ Now jumps out of bed every morning 🥳
✅ Memory now good
✅ Gardening again!
✅ Lost a stone in weight! 🥳
✅ Lost 21.5 inches 👏
✅ NO LONGER has difficulty digesting certain foods or discomfort after eating
✅ Mood swings GONE
✅ NO LONGER edgy or unable to relax
✅ NO LONGER easily irritated
✅ Now has lots of stamina 🎉
✅ Nails and hair growing lots more
✅ Improved skin
✅ General stiffness, mobility and flexibility gone from 3/10 to 10/10 👏
✅ Neck pain GONE
✅ Shoulder and arm pain GONE
✅ Arm and elbow pain GONE
✅ Pains in hands and fingers GONE
✅ Pains in knees and legs GONE
✅ Pains in ankles and feet GONE
✅ Sacrum and coccyx pain GONE
✅ Hip pain GONE
✅ Issues with teeth, gums and mouth ulcers GONE
✅ Pins and needles, numbness and swelling GONE 🎉
✅ Lungs and breathing now 10/10
✅ Painful and heavy periods STOPPED
✅ Breast tenderness GONE
✅ Headaches at the time of month STOPPED
✅ Hot flushes day and night STOPPED 👏

What Samantha has to say… “This programme is amazing! I now bounce out of bed and have loads of energy all day long. I no longer have the worries about my stomach problems, my bloating and acid reflux have gone. I have no pain or fatigue and I actually feel a normal tired when it is late rather than the fatigue I experienced all day long. I am now doing more and have even been gardening which would be unheard of! My anxiety and depression has gone and I have also lost a stone and 21.5 inches which is an added bonus!


Before beginning the programme I had poor sleep, was worrying and overthinking far too much and felt very stressed. I would wake every morning with no energy and didn’t want to get out of bed. I had very poor sleep and tossed and turned and woke up every single night. I was anxious, had low mood and didn’t feel very happy.”


Here are Colin’s results:

✅ Energy levels MASSIVELY IMPROVED and now sustained throughout the whole day
✅ Low mood GONE
✅ NO LONGER waking in the night & now sleeping through the whole night
✅ Feeling refreshed when waking
✅ Feeling far more alert
✅ NO LONGER lacking stamina
✅ NO LONGER falling asleep when sitting
✅ NO LONGER feeling out of control
✅ NO LONGER worrying and overthinking things
✅ Brain fog ALMOST GONE
✅ IMPROVED memory
✅ Overall feeling of wellbeing MASSIVELY IMPROVED
✅ Now feeling very happy
✅ Lower back pain IMPROVED
✅ Knee pain ALMOST GONE
✅ Foot pain GONE
✅ Itchy skin GONE
✅ Food cravings GONE – no longer reaching for the biscuit tin
✅ IMPROVED finger and toenails

What Colin has to say
“Fast forward 30 days and I feel great! My sleep has improved, I feel less stressed, far more energised and feel a lot happier about life. I am now going to bed and dropping off to sleep quickly and waking energised and wanting to get started with my day! I am cycling and walking further than I have done for years.

Now I have seen my own results, experienced the programme for myself and feel fantastic, I want to be able to help other people to feel healthier and more fulfilled in their lives.

Having a sports science background and a good understanding of how the body works, I am excited to bring my own experience alongside these programmes and coach my own clients to improve their health and fitness.”


Sports Teacher


Before the programme Julia told us “I was constantly feeling lethargic, struggled to get out of bed and was heavily relying on tea and coffee. Every day, all day long  I felt like I was treading through treacle. Since lockdown has happened, I have not been able to have any Bowen treatments and I have been eating far too much rubbish, so my wellbeing was deteriorating fast.

I had lots of aches and pains, was really quite stiff and felt really low. I had lots of “fibro fog” my mental alertness was rubbish, I had zero motivation or stamina to get through the day. Everything felt like it was a huge task.

My fibromyalgia symptoms would occur mostly around my period and would wipe me out for days. I had heavy and painful periods. Coping with 2 teenagers as well as a toddler that doesn’t sleep was challenging to say the least!

Fast forward 30 days and here are Julia’s results….

✅Fibromyalgia symptoms practically gone
✅IBS symptoms GONE
✅Energy levels in a morning gone from 0/10 to 10/10 and now sustained throughout the day
✅Brain fog GONE
✅IMPROVED memory and concentration
Despite having a toddler who keeps her up throughout the night, her sleep quality has massively improved and she is now feeling like she has slept
✅Really alert when waking instead of struggling to get out of bed
✅Low mood GONE
✅Mood swings GONE
✅NO LONGER feeling stressed
✅NO LONGER falling asleep when sitting
✅Heavy and painful periods GONE
✅Breast tenderness GONE
✅NO MORE fibromyalgia flare ups and more than usual muscle aches during her period
✅Headaches GONE
✅Food cravings GONE
✅Making better food choices and no longer needing a caffeine rush to keep her going
✅Acid reflux ALMOST GONE
✅Nausea GONE
✅Bloating GONE
✅Abdominal cramps GONE
✅NO LONGER has difficulty digesting certain foods
✅NO MORE discomfort after eating

✅Bladder and bowels working much better
✅Skin problems GONE
✅Hair quality IMPROVED
✅Healthier nails
✅Stiffness in joints GONE
✅Feeling stronger
✅Dizziness GONE
✅Pains in neck and shoulders ALMOST GONE
✅Arm and elbow pain GONE
✅Pains in wrists GONE
✅Pains in fingers GONE
✅Back pain GONE
✅Stomach aches and pains just about gone
✅Problems with teeth, gums and mouth ulcers GONE
✅Pins and needles and numbness GONE
✅Lungs and breathing now great
✅Wasn’t looking to lose weight but shed a few pounds
✅Lost 8.5 inches
✅Overall feeling of wellbeing now 10/10

What Julia has to say…

“I feel great! I am feeling the most motivated I have in a long time. No task feels too big for me, I’m just getting through things and I have actually experienced a normal tired instead of the fatigue I used to feel with the fibromyalgia. I used to find it so difficult to get up in a morning and now it’s great! I am awake and ready to go! I have bags of energy throughout the day and have even been able to keep up the couch to 5K!

I am now making better food choices. All my food cravings have gone and I am going for and choosing healthy snacks rather than the nasties, without thinking about it. I am weirdly not missing bread or rice, not needing or even missing coffee or tea and I’m not even tempted to have an odd G&T. I am actually enjoying feeling really well!

I am so glad I decided to add this programme to my Bowen clinic, it complements the therapies I offer, beautifully. It is definitely the missing link I’ve been looking for and I only wish I had done this programme sooner myself!”

We are absolutely delighted to be supporting Julia to add our programmes to her own practice and she is already mentoring people through the programme who are having life changing results themselves 🎉👏🥳

Julia Jennings 

Bowen Practitioner