Jackie Hodson
Jackie Hodson

Having had the opportunity to be a part of the first trial group to do the Gut Reset Programme in Europe and quickly seeing the life transformations of those who embarked on it, I simply had to add the programme to my own repertoire.

With an extensive coaching background and 12 years in the holistic health industry, putting the 2 together was a no brainer for me. I have since coached and mentored hundreds of people through this amazing programme and helped many clients improve their health to such an extent that they have been able to come off many different medications with many saying this programme has been a total game changer for them.

Now that we have the bootcamp built around the Gut Reset Programme, it gives us the opportunity to help our clients in many more ways. As well as helping them to kick start their bodies with a powerful Gut Reset and cellular level detox, we can also help them with meal plans, nutrition advice, exercise plans, meditations, mindfulness, breathing techniques, energy physiology techniques and many more! I am excited that you have decided to join us and look forward to seeing you in one of our groups.

Zoe Reast
Zoe Reast

With a life long passion to help people to feel better, I knew that the moment I found The Gut Reset Programme and completed it for myself that it was my destiny to share it with everyone and anyone who would listen! From a long term Corporate background, I had re-trainined as a Bowen Therapist in 2013 and I was fulfilling my aspirations to provide a service that helped to change lives for the better. I became absorbed in so many testimonials I was reading across the team and I couldn't wait to have my first client to experience this transformation. Since I had my first client, I have never looked back and have had an abundance of amazing results which has now resulted in the launch of The Gut Reset Bootcamp. The Bootcamp provides a holistic approach to wellbeing from both a body and mind perspective. We have many additional services than before with the basic programme to add value to the client experience and improve overall health even more than before. We are very excited to share this with you, join us for the ride and we will support you to achieve your personal health goals for now and for the future.

Hilary Gurner

Hi I’m Hilary, I’m thrilled to be here helping people improve their health and wellness from my little corner of the Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk border!

My background is mainly business administration - running my own window blind business (manufacturing and sales) with my ex-husband back in the 90’s. I found myself having to re-train in 2014 after our divorce so studied for an Accounting diploma which I completed in 2018. Having a few health issues myself, I was introduced to Bowen Therapy by a close friend and this really helped me eliminate my tennis elbow and hip / knee pain. So I decided to train as a Therapist being very keen to help others with their health issues, aches and pains. This was when I found my passion!

Through this I then discovered gut health played such an important part in wellness and I joined many other people going onto the complete the 21 day gut reset programme myself. I have to say that this programme changed my health miraculously. My blood pressure normalised - I’d been on tablets for a number of years, my weight reduced, my bloating disappeared, my energy levels soared, my fatigue was gone and hasn’t returned. But the best thing of all is that my liver disease - which had steadily been getting worse year on year since 2013 - is now stable and has not deteriorated since early 2019. Something which my Consultant is amazed at - he said “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it!” He fully expected my liver to deteriorate slightly each year - now I only need bi-yearly check ups!

The programme made such a huge difference to my life, that I decided to add this onto my business and I have now coached many clients through this programme. The thrill of seeing everyone improve and get back to where they want to be with their health is such a good feeling. I’m so thrilled to be involved in this new platform and am keen to help many more people get their health back. It really is life changing, so if you fancy coming on this journey with me please get in touch.

Julia Reeves
Julia Reeves

Cheating death has a profound impact. After surviving a brain haemorrhage, I reflected on my life to date. Up to that point, had I lived the life of my choosing? Was my life path fulfilling? Was I as happy as I could be? Had I achieved anything noteworthy?
The negative answers pushed me into a fascinating journey of self discovery, of learning and studying, of expanding my comfort zone, until I discovered Reiki and coaching. Mark Twain famously wrote, “Find a job you love doing and you’ll never have to work another day.” That’s exactly how I feel when I’m teaching or practising Reiki, or when I am coaching someone who is stuck in their lives, to move forward. Now, I have that same passion, when I am supporting a client through a Gut Rest Programme, or telling a friend about the truly amazing transformations our programmes and products can bring about. You have made a great choice to take part!
The Gut Reset Bootcamp was an absolute game changer for me; I no longer suffer with deep fatigue or brain fog and having lost weight, I do not struggle to maintain my new weight.
As part of your 30 day schedule, I’m looking forward to sharing guided meditations, mindfulness and some coaching tips with you. I wish you an exciting and positive experience on the Gut Reset Bootcamp!

Julia Jennings
Julia Jennings

Hi I am Julia. I am a mum of two teens and a toddler, and life is busy! I am a complementary therapist and support people's well-being with Bowen therapy, Reiki healing, distant healing and gut health coaching.

I started my journey as an complementary therapist over 4 years ago, after becoming poorly myself and discovering the modern medical medium was not the approach I wanted to take with getting myself well. Thankfully I have been able to maintain and enjoy good health, since finding what works for me, and can easily say that I do not 'suffer' with fibromyalgia.- in fact the way I feel nowadays is better than I did in my twenties and I am now in my forties!

Emma Skilton
Emma Skilton

As a wellbeing coach I use exercise, emotional coaching and nutritional therapy to help you gain optimum health. I am able to offer a holisitic solution to your Emotional, Physical and nutritional wellbeing. My mission is to help you improve your wellbeing, gain more happiness, balance and self love. After completing the Gut Reset myself in the summer of 2020, I was so impressed I decided to add the programmes to my own clinic


Hello! I’m Abbi.

I have owned my own eco hair, beauty, and wellness centre for just over 3 years. This is a growing business and our team feel we want to do more to help people.

As well run as running a successful business, I am also a Hairdressing trainer. I thrive on helping people to grow and make them believe in themselves and achieve great things. One of my absolute passions is mentoring and helping people with there lives. I became reiki attuned and a Reikimove teacher in my mission to make people feel more positive about themselves. Reikimove combine reiki, chakra activation, exercise, and meditation. I still wanted to find more and that when I became a gut health mentor and loving every minute of it.

I have gone through the mentoring programme myself and I can honestly say I feel 200% better! I feel in control of my life again, my weight fell off and mental health improved no end! Because of my own battles with depression and anxiety, I have now completed a mental health first aid qualification.

I am honoured to be part of this team, to help carve a healthy and bright future for people and their health.

Colin Bonnett
Colin Bonnett

Hi I'm Colin and I am delighted to join the Gut Reset Bootcamp as one of the Mentors from here in Milton Keynes.
I come from a PE teaching and coaching background with over 20 years of teaching experience within PE and science.
I have always tried to look after myself and have been passionate about health and nutrition.
After experiencing the Gut Reset for myself I set up my own business to help as many people as possible to make the most of their health and live the best life they can. My mission is to get as many people as possible understanding the power of the Gut and the microbiome and the power it has to improve peoples overall health and well-being.
My teaching background allows me to look at each individual client and asses them whilst trying to find out as much information about them as possible to help get them on the right program and on the path to wellness for life.
I look forward to working with clients on the Gut Reset Bootcamp and use my experiences and knowledge to help guide them through the program and get the very best results possible.
I am also able to offer guidance on exercise and nutritional plans as clients move forwards on their wellness journey on completion of the Gut Reset Bootcamp.
The best decision you can ever make is to take responsibility for your health and well-being!



Danka Unsu
Danka Unsu

I am a mindset and health coach, certified hypnotherapist, sound and aromatherapist. I became fascinated with all things mind and body related when I fell so ill that I had to cut short my skyrocketing corporate career, and passions of dancing, climbing and art at an early age of 27. I went through brain surgery and a long recovery also from IBS, severe depression and CPTSD. When the public health care had no solutions for me, I took it into my own hands, studied hard and helped myself to get out of a real physical, mental and financial hell hole. Equipped with personal experience and passion, now I teach and empower. I love assisting other beautiful souls on their journey to live a life feeling great. Each day, right from the first morning breath through to comfy night filled with beautiful dreams, full of smiling and inner peace. Knowing they go through their days, healthy and fullifed by earning an excellent income where they flourish from expressing their previously hidden talents and enriching passions.
I am looking forward to welcoming you into our high vibrating glowing health community!

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