Feeding Our Skin

Feeding our skin.

Rainbows are so beautiful, in all different forms. No two are the same! When we want to think about feeding our skin, we need to think about a ‘rainbow diet’. This means eating as many colours as possible within our fruit and veg intake. This is one of the best ways of getting healthier skin. Our diets should include copious amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C, A and E. Antioxidants overwhelm destructive molecules (free radicals). These live in every cell and can break down skin tissue. Where can I get my Antioxidants? All types of berries- Contain their own antitoxin system called polyphenols. These help to prevent diseases and heart disease.Blueberries- One of the greatest sources of antioxidants! Also great for inflammation, this is a huge cause of sagging and wrinkles in the skin. Blueberries also increase brain power, improve memory, and restores chemical balance in the brain. Green Tea – Tea is the second most consumed drink, but green tea brings us welcoming antioxidant help. It is packed with antioxidants! But water intake is just as important. Green tea also offers diabetes help too. Turmeric- This cancer fighting, organ protector is a wonderful spice. It contains curcuminoid pigments which are safe and are a great, effective antioxidant. Did you know Curcuminoids are a safer anti-inflammatory agent than ibuprofen and aspirin? Turmeric contains a unique peptide which hunts out free radicals and can offer up to 80% protection against oxidative injury to DNA and membranes. Avocado – Although Avocado does contain a higher rate of fat, It is a good fat! It helps us to absorb nutrients from our food. This will result in keeping our brains functioning better, our mood is more upbeat, keeping our cells more supple. This all results in glowy skin and less wrinkles!

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