Are your employees feeling social health pressures and in need of a wellness programme to improve their lives from a work and personal perspective?

Is your organisation seeing signs of diminishing productivity from their workforce due to stress and burnout, increased anxiety levels, lack of motivation, apathy, brain fog, poor concentration, and other health issues?

Did you know that all these conditions and many more can be linked to a person’s gut health? By balancing the gut microbiome and detoxing at a cellular level, significant improvements to health, wellness and performance can be achieved.

We are excited to offer the Microbiome Gut Reset Programme to the Corporate sector as a Wellness Package combining nutrition, supplements, exercise and much more offered in a ‘bootcamp’ style, simultaneously across many employees. It is a structured programme with one to one and group coaching, consultations, measurable results, post programme care plan and a platform to support the individual through the process.

So why partner with us? Over the years we have coached many clients through the Gut Reset Programme and there have been thousands who have undertaken this worldwide. We have seen fascinating results and have been privileged to be part of helping to change peoples lives through better gut health.

We also have experience of working in large Corporate organisations and have seen first hand how performance has deteriorated due to stress, burnout and poor diet. We understand what it takes to roll out the programme on a larger scale and managing deployment processes within large companies. We also have a scalable online platform with the capability for a worldwide offering.

If you would like to find out more, contact us or attend one of our Webinars. We can also provide a Webinar for your organisation, click here to register your interest.

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