Client Testimonial – Samantha

We are absolutely flabbergasted and amazed at Samantha’s unbelievably amazing awesome results! This definitely has to be the longest list of improvements we’ve ever seen!!

“Before embarking on the gut reset bootcamp I was suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, anxiety and depression. I had also been diagnosed with PTSD. I suffered with diabetic hypos, was in constant pain and was asleep pretty much all day long. I had poor mobility, constant stomach issues, bad bloating and acid reflux and generally felt extremely unwell and couldn’t do much…no housework or shopping. The fatigue that I experienced 10 days before my period would absolutely wipe me out. I didn’t have a life…”

Fast forward 30 days and are are Samantha’s incredible results!

✅ Fibromyalgia pain GONE 🎉👏🥳
✅ Chronic fatigue GONE 🎉
✅ Diabetic hypos STOPPED 🎉
✅ IBS symptoms GONE 👏
✅ Anxiety GONE 🥳
✅ NO LONGER depressed
✅ Acid reflux GONE 🥳
✅ PTSD symptoms NO LONGER an issue
✅ Overall feeling of wellbeing now 10/10
✅ NO LONGER feeling stressed
✅ LOST a few ounces short of 1 stone!
✅ RELEASED 21.5 inches of toxic fat!
✅ Dizziness GONE
✅ Food cravings GONE 🥳
✅ NO MORE bloating or stomach aches
✅ Abdominal cramps GONE
✅ Improved bowel functions
✅ Off caffeine and sugar 👏
✅ Now making better food choices and eating a healthy diet
✅ NO LONGER has issues with food intolerances
✅ Nausea GONE
✅ Now sleeping soundly and not waking in the night
✅ NO LONGER sleeping all day long 👏
✅ Bounds of energy and sustained throughout the day
✅ Brain fog GONE 🥳
✅ Poor concentration GONE
✅ Now jumps out of bed every morning 🥳
✅ Memory now good
✅ Gardening again!
✅ Lost a stone in weight! 🥳
✅ Lost 21.5 inches 👏
✅ NO LONGER has difficulty digesting certain foods or discomfort after eating
✅ Mood swings GONE
✅ NO LONGER edgy or unable to relax
✅ NO LONGER easily irritated
✅ Now has lots of stamina 🎉
✅ Nails and hair growing lots more
✅ Improved skin
✅ General stiffness, mobility and flexibility gone from 3/10 to 10/10 👏
✅ Neck pain GONE
✅ Shoulder and arm pain GONE
✅ Arm and elbow pain GONE
✅ Pains in hands and fingers GONE
✅ Pains in knees and legs GONE
✅ Pains in ankles and feet GONE
✅ Sacrum and coccyx pain GONE
✅ Hip pain GONE
✅ Issues with teeth, gums and mouth ulcers GONE
✅ Pins and needles, numbness and swelling GONE 🎉
✅ Lungs and breathing now 10/10
✅ Painful and heavy periods STOPPED
✅ Breast tenderness GONE
✅ Headaches at the time of month STOPPED
✅ Hot flushes day and night STOPPED 👏


What Samantha has to say…
“This programme is amazing! I now bounce out of bed and have loads of energy all day long. I no longer have the worries about my stomach problems, my bloating and acid reflux have gone. I have no pain or fatigue and I actually feel a normal tired when it is late rather than the fatigue I experienced all day long. I am now doing more and have even been gardening which would be unheard of! My anxiety and depression has gone and I have also lost a stone and 21.5 inches which is an added bonus!

SamanthaME & Fibromyalgia sufferer