Client Testimonial – Colin

Before beginning the programme I had poor sleep, was worrying and overthinking far too much and felt very stressed. I would wake every morning with no energy and didn’t want to get out of bed. I had very poor sleep and tossed and turned and woke up every single night. I was anxious, had low mood and didn’t feel very happy.”


Here are Colin’s results:


✅ Energy levels MASSIVELY IMPROVED and now sustained throughout the whole day 🎉

✅ Low mood GONE 🎉

✅ Sleep quality MASSIVELY IMPROVED 😊

✅ NO LONGER waking in the night & now sleeping through the whole night 👏

✅ Feeling refreshed when waking

✅ Feeling far more alert

✅ NO LONGER lacking stamina 🚲

✅ NO LONGER falling asleep when sitting

✅ NO LONGER feeling out of control

✅ NO LONGER worrying and overthinking things

✅ Brain fog ALMOST GONE 🥳

✅ IMPROVED memory


✅ Overall feeling of wellbeing MASSIVELY IMPROVED 👏👏

✅ Now feeling very happy 😃


✅ Lower back pain IMPROVED

✅ Knee pain ALMOST GONE

✅  Foot pain GONE

✅ Itchy skin GONE

✅ Food cravings GONE – no longer reaching for the biscuit tin 🥳👏

✅ IMPROVED finger and toenails


What Colin has to say
“Fast forward 30 days and I feel great! My sleep has improved, I feel less stressed, far more energised and feel a lot happier about life. I am now going to bed and dropping off to sleep quickly and waking energised and wanting to get started with my day! I am cycling and walking further than I have done for years.

Now I have seen my own results, experienced the programme for myself and feel fantastic, I want to be able to help other people to feel healthier and more fulfilled in their lives.

Having a sports science background and a good understanding of how the body works, I am excited to bring my own experience alongside these programmes and coach my own clients to improve their health and fitness.”

ColinSports Teacher