What the Microbiome affects

Having the right balance is critical for optimal health, as our Microbiome affects so many aspects of our lives. For example our mood – are you aware that 90% of the Serotonin, a.k.a. The Happy Hormone, is manufactured in your gut?
Perhaps you have trouble sleeping? That could be due to shortage of Melatonin, the Darkness Hormone which encourages good sleep – again produced in the gut. Dopamine, the Motivation Hormone, Oxytocin, which looks after Love, trust and Self-esteem and Noradrenaline which gives you your “Get up and Go” are ALL produced in the Gut – when it is in the right balance.
Add to that food cravings, weight management, digestion and metabolism, brain health, fertility and many other things – you can see how important having a balanced Gut Microbiome is.

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