Gut Garden

What can we do to help our Gut get back to it’s optimal state now?

Well, it helps to imagine that you have just moved house and your Gut
is the Garden in your new house. It needs bringing back to it’s best – the previous owner didn’t really spend a lot of time looking after it.

1. Pull the weeds by removing the bad bacteria and toxins – Remove refined, unhealthy foods from your diet, use targeted supplements to bind to and draw out heavy metals, toxins and bad bacteria.

2. Plant your gut garden with seeds – Probiotics colonise our guts so make sure that you are taking prebiotics as well as probiotics.

3. Feed the seeds – Probiotics need prebiotics to feed on to enable the good bacteria to flourish.

4. Enrich your gut garden with nutrients – Have good antioxidants and eat gut friendly foods

We have had many people say to us that they are taking probiotics and prebiotics and not noticing much difference. This explains why, it is like throwing a few seeds into the garden full of weeds and expecting them to grow….we need to pull the weeds first.

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