Who doesn’t want to look a little bit younger? With thicker and shiner hair and stronger nails? Clear and fresh looking skin? Consider what’s at the end of your fork is reflecting what is appearing on your face!

We spend a lot of time and money on lotions, potions and creams and shampoos to make ourselves look and feel better. Only how many of these are actually making a difference? Some maybe…

Did you know that the skin is our largest organ and there are billions of microbes living there called the skin microbiome. Like the gut microbiome they play a vital even beneficial—playing a vital role in your immune system and skin appearance.

Eating highly processed foods and anything that causes a spike in blood sugar levels can increase inflammation and insulin and lead to pimples and excess oil.

We have helped many clients with skin conditions not just to look better and to slower the aging process but also many who have been suffering with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis to name a few.

Here are some testimonials from clients on our Gut Reset Programme.

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