Do you have a sweet or savoury tooth, do you suffer with sugar or other food cravings?

There are at least 56 different names for sugar for example – Glucose solids ❑ Golden sugar ❑ Golden syrup ❑ Grape sugar ❑ High fructose corn syrup ❑ Honey ❑ Icing sugar. It is estimated that the average amount of refined sugar consumed by those who follow a typical western diet is a whopping 125 pounds per year which is 8.9 Stone.

There are many products that contain sugar which you would never guess did for example, pickles, smoked salmon, processed food and sauces.

Certain bacteria in your gut that just love a sugary treat and will feed on these to increase their population. The good bacteria, that are fighting to keep us healthy, then decline in numbers having an impact on our overall health. Did you also know that when you are thinking about sweet treats, it’s actually your gut bacteria communicating with your brain so they are actually CONTROLLING your thoughts and its not your MIND making the decision. Once you cut out all sugar from your diet, eventually the bad bacteria will reduce and your sugar cravings will actually disappear.

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