Welcome to the 30 Day Gut Reset Bootcamp

Your journey to better health starts here!

We are looking forward to sharing details of the programme with you, please read on to find out everything you need to know for the next 30 Days.

This Programme comprises of nutrition and only eating Gut Friendly Foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Checklist of things to complete before starting the programme: –

Preparation and Eliminating

  • For the full 30 Day Gut Reset Programme, you should only be only eating foods on the Gut Friendly Foods List and cut out the Non Gut Friendly Foods– you can find a list of these in the Food List Page on the website.
  • Ensure you read the labels on everything you buy/use BEFORE using them. Do not get caught out by noticing after you have eaten something that you shouldn’t have had it.
  • We suggest that you plan your meals a week ahead using the Meal Planner. This allows you to do your shopping and not have to worry about what to eat.
  • Consider preparing snacks and lunches in the evening ready for the following day. Those of us with busy schedules found this much easier.
  • You can find many Gut Friendly Recipes under the Recipe Page– just view what you would like and expand the recipe to see the ingredients and method. We have particularly chosen easy to make recipes and there is a choice of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snack ideas.
  • Before starting your programme, look to see what you can start to remove from your diet. Consider reducing if not eliminating caffeine, alcohol, smoking, processed food, starchy vegetables (e.g. potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweetcorn, green peas, swedes, turnips, parsnips etc.), wheat, grains, rice, milk and sugar.
  • Determine which programme best suits your lifestyle. Programme A or B. Do not go hungry. If you feel hungry, drink some water first as you may in fact be thirsty. If you still feel hungry, eat something from the Purify Friendly Foods list.
  • Use your daily planner to keep track of things like your water intake, whether you have exercised or completed some mindfulness etc

Programme Overview



To Start

Complete the Wellbeing Questionnaire and lifestyle analysis questions. Discuss anything that
comes up with your detox mentor. Take and record your measurements onto your online form and remember to take and
send your “before” pictures. Take a close up picture of your face and a front and side profile with tight fitting clothes.


Eliminate non-Purify foods and take 2 Body Prime capsules and 1 Biome Active Capsule with your evening meal.


Start on the Purify Kit as directed (2 week intense phase). Refer to next section for

detailed instructions on what to take and eat and ideal timings. Remember to exercise and/ora brisk walk for 30 minutes per day as a minimum.


This phase is Building on a New You. The shakes will have now finished. Continue daily with remaining supplements as per the intense phase.
If you wish to:

  • give your gut more support (especially for those who have been sick for a long time) or
  • maintain your newly reset gut microbiome or
  • if further weight loss isrequired,

You can purchase an additional Biome Shake or an SLMsmart protein shake in Vanilla to continue to replace one or two meals per day. Speak to your mentor about your goals. Continue to eat from the recommended Purify Friendly list as this will help you establish new habits and continue to change taste buds.

Complete the Wellbeing Questionnaire and lifestyle analysis with your mentor.
Discuss going on to Fortify/Protect products to maintain the level of health you have unlocked.
Begin re-introducing healthy carbohydrates as detailed on page 14 and notice how you feel when you eat them. Refer to the “Good
gut foods list” for alternative gut friendly options.

Celebration and client spotlight. Share and listen to each other’s results.

Reintroducing Other foods

Refer to page 14 – Congratulations. So what’s next?

Days 6 to 19

Programme A – Suited to people whose lifestyle does not involve a lot of physical exertion or who want to lose weight. The foods listed are suggestions and can be swapped with any purify friendly foods .


Programme B – Suited to people who are highly active and need an above average calorie intake, e.g. manual labourers, athletes and for people who do not particularly want to lose weight.


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