Gut health, Mindset and Holistic Healing Workshop

Date 2021-09-15-2021-09-15
**Be In Your Body Workshop** learning about all things holistic healing, spiritual growth, breathwork, mindset, gut health and more. **

About this event

Join Zoe Reast from Gut Health Solutions and Katie Rudland from Bespoke Journey for a free Zoom event.

This event will take place online and the only commitment is that you show up to listen. If you are interested in signing up to the gut reset programme and/or a package booking with Bespoke Journey we will be offering a special discount for those that attend the workshop.


**So what will we cover? **


* Breathwork, Somatic healing and Meditation

* Learning about working with your natural cycles and the moon, connecting more to your womb space and created a deeper sense of self love

* Teaching how to ‘be’ in your body

* Discussing inner child and ways in which to work with healing and nurturing

* Ways in which to master your nervous system

* Talk about the gut and mind connection and the 21 day reset programme.

* Q and A if anyone would like more information

Please go to the EventBrite link here to book your place


We really hope you can make it, love and blessings ✨