Believe it or not, sometimes pain and stiffness in the joints is caused by an overly acidic body. An acidic diet makes you more prone to inflammation, which is what causes your body pain. Remember everything we eat goes through the gut and it is known that inflammation starts in the gut. Most foods can be divided into acidic or alkalising groups. Many fresh fruit and veggies tend to be more alkalising, while some foods like meat, coffee, alcohol, soft drink, cocoa and processed foods (white flour and foods that contain sugar) tend to be more acidic. Try reducing some of the more acidic foods in your diet; see what happens to your pain and stiffness. 

Your stomach actually is acidic but blood and tissue are alkaline. When there is too much acidity in the body it starts to take the alkaline from the tissues and then they become acidic which is why we get muscle aches. 

To help acidity, drink lots of water, remove acidic foods, eat more greens, pay attention to your emotional state, get good sleep and exercise. 

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