After your gut reset for continued health rebalancing.


Post Gut Reset continue with either no starchy carbs (with evening meal especially) or to minimize these foods each meal time. Re-introduce the foods avoided whilst on the Gut Reset ONLY if you really want them NOT for the sake of it. The longer you do this the more health gains you will realise from the Gut Reset. Protein is vitally important with each main meal and always have protein like nuts or yoghurt with a fruit snack. This keeps the blood sugar levels stable. 


Refer to “Good Gut Foods” document. Incorporating these foods helps your gut. 


The Biome Core Kit targets healthy living through monthly microbiome care. This kit, along with adherence to the healthy diet and lifestyle guidelines contained in this guide, works by promoting detoxification, encouraging elimination, and maintaining a healthy microbiome balance to continue to strengthen and support the core of your health.

We recommend this programme to clients who have had long standing health issues, being realistic that their body probably needs more than 30 days to rectify years of toxic build up in their bodies. Your final Lifestyle Analysis will give some indication as to whether your digestive or intestinal systems need more support. We do of course have some clients who are amazed at the results they have had in just a short 30 days and wish to see what else their bodies will do if they continue giving their microbiome even more support.


Biome DT utilises three distinct pathways to provide breakthrough purification, by activating detoxification, cleansing with fibre to eliminate toxins and balancing the microbiome. This purification drink has a patent-pending formula.
Biome DT;
• Detoxifies, cleanses and balances the microbiome
• Lubricates the digestive tract to facilitate contaminant
• Activates enzymes to target contaminants
• Aids healthy bacteria with pH balancing fermentable fibre 

• Supports healing of the digestive lining with L-glutamine

This patented pending formula was developed at the Hughes Center. The great thing about Biome DT is that it kick starts purification in three ways – detoxification, cleansing and microbiome balancing.

Activates enzymes and genes to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins at a cellular level. Both Broccoli and L-Glutamine detoxify and help reduce intestinal inflammation

Cleans, lubricates and soothes the digestive lining with soluble, insoluble, and fermentable fibers. It lubricates and supports the digestive system. And it supports healthy elimination through both urine and bowels.

Microbiome Balancing
To help balance the Microbiome, it contains inulin, a soluble fibre that feeds healthy microflora as well as glutamine for gut lining repair. The ingredients balance gut pH to support the beneficial bacteria.


Biome Shake is a vegan friendly purifying meal replacement shake high in vegetable protein with a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial fats from sources such as flaxseed and borage oil.
These fermentable fibres create the right environment in the gut for good bacteria to flourish. As part of the Purify and Biome Core programmes, Biome Shake helps balance and purify the microbiome with a vegetable base featuring broccoli, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and clean vegetable protein.


• Biome Shake gives 100% complete nutrition provided as a meal replacement or as a snack

• It provides 20 grams of vegetable protein and aids with microbiome balance
• It is vegan and gluten free


Biome Shake detoxifies the body. This is activated by the Broccoli powder and Zinc. It enhances elimination and supports the digestive and immune system.

It contains inulin that feeds “friendly” bacteria and reduces visceral fat. Inulin passes through the system unabsorbed and takes with it toxins, waste, fat and cholesterol. Good bacteria love high fibre foods such as leafy green vegetables and beans which are all good for gut health.


Biome Actives combines both prebiotics and probiotics to provide a favourable environment for beneficial gut bacteria. This helps contain the balance of the microbiome in the digestive system and supports healthy detoxification.

• Provides 1 billion CFU (colony forming units) of Bacillus coagulans per capsule
• Helps healthy bacteria by optimizing pH balance with lactic acid-forming bacteria
• Feeds healthy bacteria with prebiotics
• Supports healthy immune functions

Rebalance with Prebiotics and Probiotics

We recommend combining prebiotics and probiotics together to optimise the recolonisation of your gut microbiome. Prebiotics both protect and feed probiotics. Probiotics bring good bacteria that is needed to recolonise your abdominal cavity.

 We recommend the following:
● Prebiotic: Inulin is always our first choice followed by Fructo-oligosaccarides and Psyllium Husk
● Probiotic: Bacillus Coagulans is our first choice. We know that there are others in this category but if you want to rapidly recolonise your gut microbiome, then this is the one to use.

Biome Actives combine your Prebiotic with your Probiotic to deliver more CFUs (colony forming units) to your small intestine.

Together, they provide gut support through healthy gut bacteria and microbiome balance

By using Inulin as your Prebiotic, you provide both protection and an ideal food source for your Probiotic.

Biome Actives uses Bacillus Coagulans because it’s a spore-forming probiotic species that is shelf stable on its own. This allows you to take it any place you go and not have to worry about refrigeration or spoiling.

As a spore-forming probiotic, it can withstand the stomach’s acidic environment so that more CFUs reach the small intestine. This allows for faster colonisation in your abdominal cavity.

Bacillus Coagulans

Bacillus Coagulans are a spore-forming probiotic species that can withstand the stomach’s acidic environment, therefore when it enters the intestinal area it can colonise faster.

It helps to enhance your immune system, which discourages pathogens through its lactic acid production. It also aids in cardiovascular health while reducing cancer risks.

In addition to their superior survivability and colonisation activities over the more common probiotics like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, Bacillus Coagulans have been shown to help reduce irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and inflammation associated with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Biome Actives provides 1 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) of Bacillus Coagulans, as well as Inulin.


The Vital 3 supplements (or V3 as we call it) provide your body with daily nutritional requirements to protect your health ongoing.

We recommend this as an ongoing maintenance plan to continue the great results you have achieved through the gut reset. 

The Vital 3 System is composed of 3 carefully formulated products that enhance the body’s overall performance and wellness. These products contain pure ingredients that construct a framework for ideal health.

ProArgi-9+, PhytoLife & Mistify

Synergy came up with this three-pronged approach to modern health issues with unique products that:

• Increase Nitric Oxide Levels 

• Reduce Inflammation

• Balance pH

ProArgi-9 Increases Nitric Oxide (“Circulates and Enhances”)

Mistify reduces inflammation (“Boosts and Protects”)

PhytoLife balances pH (“Builds and Strengthens”) 


Phytolife is an alkalising drink – very high in vitamins and minerals including iron to maintain good energy levels, promotes a health pH, helps to keep reducing the toxic load (we are bombarded with toxins daily!) in our microbiome and whole body. Toxins are held in fat cells. Supports the gut and healthy digestion and metabolism of foods to fuel. Phytolife helps build white blood cells for a healthy immune system. Phytolife helps to counterbalance the pH which can be affected in a negative way by stress. 


Every day we need sufficient antioxidants to counter free radical damage and premature ageing. Mistify has been proven in studies to have the highest level of antioxidants available, just one serving a day provides the equivalent of 3.5kg of fruit. Antioxidants are the sole protection against free radicals, which are responsible for many diseases, such as inflammation, allergy and pain.
The main ingredient in Mistify is a “super berry” called Açai, which grows wild in the Amazon. It ensures Mistify has one of the highest antioxidant values in the world. The indigenous peoples of the Amazon call the açai palm the “Tree of Life.”
Amazonian warriors were said to drink the juice before battle to increase their stamina and strength. This extraordinary supplement is rich in flavour and incorporates a delicious blend of fruit and berry extracts.


ProArgi enhances blood flow enabling more effective delivery of oxygen and nutrition to every cell in the body. It up-regulates the liver – to eliminate toxins from our bodies, produce hormones for fat burning and for blood sugar balance. ProArgi is anti-aging as it stimulates Human Growth Hormone which aids the production of healthy muscle mass which in turn reduces fatty tissue.  See “22 Reasons to try ProArgi”.



The formula of Body Prime has simple ingredients that support cleansing and bowel motility to prime the body for an effective purification Program.

• Contributes to healthy electrolyte balance
• Contributes to natural energy metabolism
• Contributes to muscle function including the heart muscle
• Contributes to normal muscle contraction including normal
• Can reduce tiredness and fatigue

Magnesium Overview

Magnesium is a co-factor in over 300 enzyme systems involved in the regulation of blood pressure, energy production, muscle, nerve, brain function, DNA & RNA synthesis, bone, Etc. There is about 25 grams of Mg in the Adult body (50-60% in bone). The RDI is – adult females = 320 mg; adult males = 420 mg.

People at risk for magnesium deficiency:
• Leaky gut and other GI conditions
• Type 2 diabetes
• Alcohol dependence
• Low mineral bone density
• People with migraines – 600 mg per day for prevention
• Older adults

Please read the purify ebook for more information and studies on magnesium


e9 is an amazing natural energy drink. It is packed full of vitamins and a natural caffeine that can give you sustained energy and mental focus throughout the day. It also contains l-arginine for heart health and inulin for gut health.
The revolutionary difference between e9 and chemical based energy drinks people buy in shops or see on adverts is that e9 helps the body produce its own energy from inside, not pump the body full of external, chemical stimulants. This ensures the body stays healthy for longer and removes the nasty “come-down” effect other energy drinks have.

What is e9?
Your life demands constant energy. Schedules are packed tight with activities and commitments that require you to be at your best around the clock, even when you are battling exhaustion. In the middle of a hectic day, you may find that your energy levels are depleted before lunch, making it nearly impossible to cross off everything on your to-do list.

Synergy’s e9 energy formula is powered by l-arginine and a blend of Vitamin B12 and B6, riboflavin, thiamin and pantothenic acid, each of which lends to a normal, energy- yielding metabolism. This flavourful mix also contains natural caffeine sources, including guarana seed and yerba mate extract. Every ingredient is safe and of the highest quality, providing you with a low-calorie boost when you need it most.

This combination of ingredients was designed to help you safely sustain your energy levels. Vitamin B12 and B6, along with pantothenic acid, not only contribute to an energy- yielding metabolism; they help reduce fatigue while supporting normal mental performance. Yerba mate extract contains properties that can strengthen the body while helping you feel more energetic. Its stimulating and tonic properties play a role in resisting mental and physical fatigue.

Today, there are dozens of quick fixes for low energy, but with e9 you can trust that you are taking a product that supports your healthy lifestyle. No matter what time of day it is, if you are fighting to focus, stay alert and stay energised, mix up a serving of e9 and enjoy its refreshing, piña colada flavour.


Powerful Immune Support

Provides 600 IU of Vitamin D3 per tablet Powerful immune support.

Supports both innate and adaptive immunity Helps maintain normal levels of calcium Helps maintain bone health.

Easy to absorb, easy on the stomach Chewable tablet supports oral health.

Enjoy the Sunshine Vitamin for Immune Support!

Like a ray of sunshine, Synergy’s Vitamin D3 tablets benefit the body’s numerous biological functions to promote a greater state of overall health. This essential vitamin is one of the most useful nutritional tools we have at our disposal.

Vitamin D3 is amazing. We call it a vitamin, but it is actually a hormone that influences more than 3,000 different genes in your body and almost every type of human cell. Research is ongoing to help us better understand this super-nutrient, but so far published studies have shown that D3 helps regulate and enable the absorption of mineral nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. It also helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Vitamin D3 is involved in the regulation of hormones related to stress, and optimal levels have been shown to help reduce conditions like seasonal affective disorder, or SAD as you may know it, depression, and anxiety.
And a growing body of research also suggests that vitamin D might play some role in the prevention and treatment of both forms of diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, multiple sclerosis, and other medical conditions. Every year we learn something new about Vitamin D.


Total Body Benefits

 Powerful Support for your Bones & Cartilage Muscle

Hair, Skin & Nails

Enhanced Formula with Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid Zinc


Collagen is so Important for us

Collagen is so important for our body. The word collagen comes from the ancient Greek word “kolla”, which translates to “glue”. This is perfectly apt as its function is to hold our body together, like glue, providing firmness and strength. Gram for Gram, Type I collagen is stronger than steel. If you think of our body as a house, collagen is the walls, the pillars and the joists that hold everything together. Collagen doesn’t just keep you looking better on the outside, it keeps you feeling stronger on the inside as well.

Collagen forms a key part of the extracellular matrix within our connective tissue, providing structure and support to our skin. Collagen supplementation boosts the body’s own production and provides the necessary support to our skin.

We lose collagen as a result of poor diet, excessive sun exposure, air pollution and certain genetic predispositions. Also, as part of our ageing process, which starts very early – in our mid 20s in fact! This leads to a loss of skin firmness and elasticity with lines and wrinkles forming as collagen depletes.

As the major protein in the connective tissues of the body, collagen ensures the elasticity and strength of skin and bones, and of course, cartilage, which protects your joints and puts a spring in your step.

Bones are made mostly of collagen, which gives them structure and helps keep them strong. Just as the collagen in your body deteriorates as you age, so does your bone mass. This may lead to conditions like osteoporosis, which is characterised by low bone density and linked to a higher risk of bone fractures.

As we improve our health with Synergy’s Collagen+, our bodies will start to pick up their natural production of amino acids to keep us healthy and strong.

What’s in Synergy’s Collagen+ that makes it so unique?

Most other collagen products only have 400mg or 500mg of active collagen in them – our Collagen+ has a massive 5,800mg!!

As well as Hyaluronic Acid and Zinc, we have added Vitamin C, which acts as a catalyst for collagen. If your collagen doesn’t come with Vitamin C – it will not work as well – and that is an absolute fact, whatever the product.

• 5,810 mg Collagen Peptides • 60 mg Vitamin C

• 8 mg Zinc

• 9 mg Hyaluronic Acid

More effective, more powerful, take it anywhere!!

Synergy has formulated Collagen+ to use hydrolysed collagen, this very special formulation means that the collagen can be easily absorbed and repair our collagen matrix. Collagen+ can be taken anywhere, in easy “on the go” sachets. It dissolves easily in hot or cold drinks and leaves no chalky residue or lumpy bits, unlike many other collagen supplements on the market.