Here you will find some frequently asked questions, we suggest you read through these before starting.


1. Do I have to eat (for example) cottage cheese in the morning and olives in the afternoon or can I exchange it with different foods?

You can exchange any of the fruit, snack and meal suggestions with food off the ‘recommended’ food list. We recommend that you do eat some snacks to keep your metabolism stimulated and to consume enough calories for energy throughout the day.


2. Do I need to worry about the swaps in terms of size or calories or anything?

 No, you don’t need to worry at all. Simply exchange a sensible amount of food off the recommended food list. For your main meal it is recommended as a palm sized piece of protein. Please eat until your hunger is satisfied.


3. Can I exercise during the intense phase of the detox?

 Yes, you can exercise but do listen to your body. During the intense phase you may wish to reduce your exercise a little. The recommended level is 5,000 steps per day. However, if you feel like doing more then please do so. Eat sufficient food from the recommended food list to give your body the energy it needs.


4. It says, in the Purify program from Synergy, that ProArgi-9+ should be taken for lunch and dinner. Why is Program different ?

It is advisable to take ProArgi-9+ on an empty stomach in order to optimise the dose. L-arginine, the primary ingredient in ProArgi-9+, competes with protein. To ensure you get the maximum benefits from your protein intake and from the ProArgi-9+ the recommendations have been adjusted. By the age of 23, the pituitary gland has already begun to slow down its production of Human Growth Hormone, so this may be of particular interest to people over 25 years of age. Increased Nitric Oxide production stimulates the anti-ageing mechanisms, with relation to HGH secretion. This pituitary glands early ability to secrete hormones, like testosterone and HGH for optimal performance, can be re-ignited by L-Arginine’s ability to cross the blood brain barrier during Delta sleep. As there are only two times in the day when HGH is produced in the body, during intense exercise and during deep sleep, it is recommended that the second dose is taken just before lights out. However if you are unable to take this on an empty stomach, it is still beneficial to take it rather than not at all.


5. Does the Biome DT drink need to be taken away from meals?

 No, it does not matter if you consume the Biome DT with your snacks or meals.


6. Is Green Tea OK?

 We advise refraining from drinking all caffeinated drinks, especially during the 14 day intense phase. Green Tea does have some caffeine in it. It can be replaced with Rooibush (Red Bush) or other Herbal Teas. Please avoid Decaffeinated drinks where a chemical called Dichloromethane is used in the process of removing the caffeine. Outside of the 14 day intense phase, you can consume e9, Synergy’s natural energy drink with plant based natural caffeine from Guarana Seed. You can source washed decaffeinated drinks such as Clipper Organic Decaf Tea or Nespresso Decaf pods that do not use chemical extraction. We do however advise you find new drinks that you like rather than finding substitutes. 


7. I’ve told my friends about my bootcamp and they want to know more. What should I send them?

 We recommend that your friends have a chat with you and your detox mentor together to explain about the Gut Reset Bootcamp and to answer any questions.


• They can watch some videos about the Microbiome or look at our website. Also we run regular Gut Health Talks that they can join

• They can take a look at some testimonials

• Your detox mentor can help them place an order and support them if they decide to go ahead. People see greater success if they detox with a friend as an accountability partner.

 8. Can I do two Microbiome kits back to back?

 Yes, you can do two kits back to back. If you have had stomach disorders for some time, been on antibiotics, have a weight loss goal, wish to improve a condition further then it will be beneficial to detox for a while longer. Some people who trialled the program did two kits back to back and had excellent results in weight loss, reduction of sugar cravings, mood, energy and wellbeing.


9. Is it advised to repeat the detox at any stage?

 Synergy suggests that it would be extremely beneficial to your gut health to repeat the detox every 6 months or at least annually.


10. Am I able to take non-prescribed medications during the program?

 It’s best to try to avoid all over-the-counter drugs whilst detoxing if you can. They can add to the toxic burden and hinder the functions of vital organs that are already doing a lot of work cleansing. However do not go against medical advice.

For aches and pains we recommend the following ideas:

 • Take a warm (not hot) bath. This is both relaxing and can help ease muscle and joint pains. If desired, try adding 6 drops of Essential Oils, (choose from lavender, tea tree oil or rose).

 • Hot/Cold shower treatments can be beneficial for pains, and also help enhance detoxification.

• Rest a bit more than usual. Detoxification is a process that takes a lot of internal energy so it is advisable to make time for relaxation. Listen to some of the meditations our mentors have recorded for you and spend some time focussing on the daily mindfulness task.

• Drinking more water may ease aches and pains. For example, pain in the lower back is often caused by the kidneys crying for water, rather than the result of having sore back muscles.

 • As a reminder, do not ignore medical advice.

 11. Is it normal to experience pain/discomfort where I’ve had a past injury or operation?

 This is quite common and can occur when the body is becoming cleaner and stronger – it is a true sign of progress. These effects may mimic any disease or condition you have had in the past, but it’s shortened, typically lasting from a few hours to a few days. Drinking a lot of water is good practice as it will help to dilute the toxins in the bloodstream and aid their removal.


12. Is it ok to swap my healthy meal to lunchtime?

 Yes, it is fine to have a Biome Shake in the evening instead of lunchtime.


13. Which oils can I use for cooking?

 For cooking we recommend pure virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil – both cold-pressed and in glass is best for health. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use while on a detox. It provides medium-chain triglycerides which should give you energy to burn and it is great at killing bacteria and fungus from inside the body. Cold- pressed extra virgin olive oils are ideal for salads. Be sure your oil is extra virgin cold-pressed (and ideally organic too) so you’re getting the highest purity. Although these oils can provide health benefits, don’t use in excess if you are trying to lose weight.


14. What happens if I’m not able to take the daily requirement of products or if I miss one?

 For optimum results, try to stick to the plan as best you can. Don’t worry if something is forgotten or skipped as it just means the products will last longer. However, it is important to finish all the products completely.


15.Can I still consume any other Synergy products whilst doing the Gut Reset Bootcamp?

 The following is recommended:

• ProArgi-9+ can be taken throughout the program. NB you will find this supplement in your Purify kit

 If you usually take a larger dose of ProArg-9+ for its health benefits, then it is fine to continue this dose throughout the whole 30 days.

• Phytolife can be taken during Days 1-5 and then again once the Biome DT is finished.
• Mistify and e9 can be taken before and after the 14 day intensive period.
• SLMsmart can be used during Days 1-5 and after the Biome shake has finished. It is an ideal daily product after Day 30 as it will help to fortify the gut, as an alternative to Biome Shake.


16. I am really interested in understanding more about the Microbiome. What do you suggest I look at?

There are a growing number of books on this subject. Some of these include:
• “Follow Your Gut” by Rob Knight (a TED book)
• “10% Human: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health & Happiness” by Alanna Collen

• You can watch/listen to BBC Podcasts entitled “That Gut Feeling” Download Part One: (,

Download Part Two: (


17. What can I do after The 30 Day Gut Reset Bootcamp to keep improving my health?

 Think about how you can cultivate a healthy lifestyle, avoiding slipping back to your old habits. We recommend you adopt a “healthy eating plan for life”. This eating plan is high in protein, high in phytonutrients and low in simple carbohydrates. Exercise is also a vital element when looking to improve and maintain good health. This applies to the majority of us who do not move enough during our day!

 In addition, relaxation is as equally as important as exercise. Relaxation isn’t just about peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body. Relaxation techniques can help you cope with everyday stress and with stress related to various health problems.

 Also remember to listen to your body! If you are tired, rest, if you are thirsty, drink.

 When choosing nutritional food supplements make QUALITY the priority.

 Synergy WorldWide supplements offer science-based, innovative proprietary products which improve your total health, elevate your performance and unlock your true potential. Please speak to your detox mentor to discuss how Synergy can assist you further.

 It definitely helps to have guidance and support. Please contact your detox mentor if you are concerned about anything at all. The key is to remain calm, focus your mind on healing and support your body back to optimum health and wellness.