During the program you are encouraged to undertake brisk walking or other exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. This is a great habit to continue post detox.

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

Unless you are aiming to become a top athlete the amount of exercise you need is moderate. Aim for 5,000 steps during your 30 minutes of brisk walking. It is very important to choose a form of exercise you enjoy.


Exercise should become a habit and a pleasure to be done regularly and give you real benefit. Start slowly and build up gently to avoid any strains or injury. Do not expect overnight results but a gradual increase in your level of fitness. You should soon see an improvement in your whole sense of wellbeing.



On the positive side, after a short period of discomfort, you may experience any of the following:

  • Weight loss (toxins can be held in our fat cells)
  • Drop in clothing size
  • Improved mood 
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved skin
  • More energy
  • Motivation

During the program, however, many people can suffer from detox effects. 

Reported symptoms have been mild to strong. If this happens to you, discuss your

symptoms with your mentor or ask in the Facebook group.


The most common is a headache for 1-3 days.

  • Other, less frequent symptoms are:
  • Bowel changes
  • Aches/pains resurfacing for a short period
  • Skin eruptions
  • Tiredness
  • Flu-like symptoms. 

In the meantime, we thought that it might be helpful to understand why you may be experiencing some discomfort.

When any treatment or detox causes the cells and organs of the body to release their stored poisons and toxins, a cleansing reaction may occur (especially the liver, which is a storehouse of drug and poison residues) .

Any detox program may cause a rapid breakdown of fat cells (which are a storehouse for toxins) this may cause various detox reactions.

The body’s natural healing process will often bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during this time.

You may think that you feel worse or that the Program is not working at all during your detox. Do not despair! These are all signs that your microbiome is resetting and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances. Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately, or within several days, or even several weeks, of a treatment program. Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks. 

What We Found Helps

Many of us went through similar effects. We suggest that you drink more water & share your experiences with others as this helps. Rest if you can and try to avoid taking any pain killers to combat any new detox symptoms, they usually are very short lived.

(N.B. If you are a migraine sufferer and are on prescribed medications, ensure you take these at the onset of a migraine as you usually would.)